• Annual maintenance of air handling units

Annual maintenance of air handling units

Having an economical and fully functioning ventilation system is extremely important for industrial buildings and it is vital that businesses have the annual maintenance of its air handling units carried out by industry experts. Air handling units perform a wide range of crucial tasks and help companies meet compliance needs such as where specified air temperatures and humidity is required and the removal of heat is needed.

In order for these tasks to be carried efficiently and effectively, air handling units will need to be checked regularly to ensure that there are no faulty components which would cause poor operations. For example all counter flow plate heat exchangers, motors and filters will need to be examined thoroughly and replaced where required. 

If you are experiencing issues with your air handling system, then our qualified gas safe registered engineers will be able to help. Here at Schwank we have a full understanding of the AHU diagnosis checklist which guides users through the most common air handling unit failures and ventilation problems. The list includes:

  • Checking air filters and changing them if there are any blockages.
  • Inspecting all wiring and electrical controls to ensure there are no loose connections.
  • Making sure that the evaporator coil drain is open to allow the unit to drain properly.
  • Removing any rust or corrosion for a longer operating life cycle.
  • Cleaning heating/cooling coils as necessary.

We are able to provide professional maintenance checks to your air handling systems and recommend that checks are carried out at least every six months to prevent a service breakdown. Our fully trained air handling engineers carry out a range of AHU, ductwork and ventilation maintenance in anticipation of any emergency work they be have to carry out.

The efficiency and reliability of your air handling unit can be effected by lack of planned preventative maintenance. This makes the annual maintenance of air handling units crucial to ensuring they operate effectively whenever required.

Overall we strongly believe that regular, planned maintenance of your air handling units is the most effective way of making energy savings, preventing breakdowns and extending the life of your equipment. If you would like more information about our air handling unit maintenance services, or to schedule an engineer’s visit, please contact our team today to find our more information.

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