• Annual maintenance of gas heat pumps is essential

Annual maintenance of gas heat pumps is essential

With engine-driven gas heat pumps, heating and cooling can be carried out in an extremely efficient manner, and could make good business sense for a company to install and maintain. If maintained correctly, gas heat pumps can help save costs as they use free and renewable environmental energy - this is because a gas engine heat pump uses gas and not electricity as its energy source in order to generate heat.

Gas heat pumps can be used to help heat and cool office blocks, storage halls, laboratories and a whole host of other commercial buildings. However commercial gas heat pumps can only be considered a good option for a business if they are serviced and maintained regularly and professionally by industry experts. This is because professional gas heat pump engineers will have the right level of expertise required to service and maintain the systems, no matter the type of industrial or commercial property they are located within.

If correctly looked after through the implementation of annual maintenance schemes, professional gas heat pump engineers can help these systems improve efficiency and safety as well as reduce ongoing costs. 

What Schwank do

Here at Schwank we have a deep understanding of how commercial gas heat pumps can become a great option for any business looking to reduce their heating costs. The work we do can help a business be extremely cost effective by creating a heat pump system that will last longer, improve working conditions, save a business money and reduce the carbon footprint of its operations, all of which can only be considered to be a positive.

Our engineers place a great amount of emphasis on efficiency, durability and quietness of a system. The work carried out via the annual maintenance of gas heat pumps helps to make this happen as all of our engineers are Gas Safe Registered.

The work carried out by our engineers goes beyond just the maintenance of a gas heat pump system as they will be able to respond quickly to any emergency call-outs they receive, in order for a business to experience as little operational downtime as possible. We offer customers our comprehensive service and maintenance packages for complete peace of mind.

If you are the owner of a commercial building and would like to improve the efficiency of your heat pumps then we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us now to find out more.

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