High Quality Commercial Gas Service

Schwank's nationwide network of Gas Safe Registered engineers can provide the highest levels of technical expertise in the service and maintenance of commercial heating systems. Being all directly employed by Schwank, since it is company policy not to use third party contractors, their experience, training and qualifications are second to none.

Receiving Schwank's commercial gas heating support will ensure that a system operating in an industrial or commercial building is fully compliant with legal requirements and also performs with optimum efficiency. This means that energy usage can be reduced, thus saving on the operating costs of a business and also lessening the environmental impact of a company's activities.

Our engineers have the knowledge, skills and qualifications to carry out the service and maintenance of commercial heating systems of any manufacturer. The commercial gas heating support they can offer is not confined to the inspection and servicing of systems manufactured by Schwank.

All HVAC appliances covered

There has been incredible progress in the breadth and sophistication of HVAC technology in recent years and Schwank has been a world market leader in these developments. The performance and energy efficiency of our gas-fired infrared heating systems, warm air units, intelligent temperature control systems and other HVAC products have been continually refined and improved through our precision engineering skills.

Our service and maintenance engineers have been in step with this process at all times, being trained both by Schwank UK and at Schwank headquarters in Germany on each new technological development.

Schwank has also extended and diversified its product range to include systems for cooling, climate control and ventilation. Schwank engineers have progressively acquired knowledge on the technical workings of HVAC solutions ranging from gas heat pumps to air handling units and more besides. Their experience of HVAC appliances for industry and commerce would be very hard to beat.

We are therefore fully confident that business decision makers and facilities managers demanding the highest levels of industrial or commercial gas heating support, or have other HVAC systems requiring servicing and maintenance, would find that they will benefit from the highest levels of service from our Schwank Gas Safe engineers.

Gas Safe Register
Safe contractor
CPD Certified