• Maintaining energy efficiency

Maintaining energy efficiency

Regular service and maintenance for the most efficient heating system operation is essential, not least because it will ensure that heat will be generated at optimum levels of energy efficiency. This will mean that the operating costs of the building where the system is installed will be minimised while also assisting its carbon footprint.

Our Gas Safe Registered engineers are fully qualified and exceptionally experienced in the servicing of radiant plaque heaters, tube heaters and other HVAC systems, whether they are Schwank products or those of other manufacturers.

In its “Energy Efficiency: building towards net zero” report, the House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee noted that: “Approximately 19 per cent of the UK’s total emissions come from heating our buildings: homes comprise 77 per cent; commercial buildings 14 per cent; and public buildings 10 per cent.”

Service and maintenance for efficient heating systems

On the Service and Maintenance page on this website, we explain that our engineers will apply their skills and experience across a full range of non-domestic buildings: “We can provide servicing and maintenance of commercial heating systems and other HVAC installations to the highest standards and in full compliance with UK Gas Regulations. We provide cost-effective servicing to ensure reliable and efficient heating systems using mains natural gas and LPG propane gas to businesses, charities, churches, schools and the public sector.”

Schwank has installed and maintained heating systems in widely different sectors and locations, including logistics & distribution centres, sports stadiums, aircraft hangars and hospitality venues. This has provided our service engineers with exceptional knowledge in the servicing of radiant plaque heaters and other HVAC systems whatever their complexity.

Please contact us to find out more about how Schwank can service and maintain your HVAC installation to the highest standards of safety, performance and energy efficiency.

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