• Maintenance of ventilation units

Maintenance of ventilation units

Within the world of today’s modern industrial and logistics buildings, ventilation units are becoming more important. This is because demands on workplaces are increasing, which includes creating more comfortable conditions for workers.

Effective ventilation units will:

  • increase productivity through providing greater comfort for employees
  • ensure better employee health and wellbeing, leading to less downtime
  • help with the removal of pollutants from occupied areas by displacement or dilution via the ventilation system
  • ensure the avoidance of particle entry from the environment in sensitive processes
  • provide a guaranteed defined room temperature and humidity for critical processes or storage

This shows the importance of the maintenance of ventilation units and why it should be a high priority for facilities managers to ensure this is undertaken.

Here at Schwank our Gas Safe Registered engineers will carry out any maintenance work required to help reduce operating costs through effective monitoring, with early detection of wear and tear preventing costly repairs and downtimes. All our customers have the assurance that our commitment to their total satisfaction is ongoing and does not end after our systems are installed.

The work carried out on ventilation units can include:

  • identifying and clearing blocked filters
  • removing any blockages caused by a build-up of dust and bacteria
  • checking that the controls are working

Certain systems will require more maintenance than others and our engineers will have the skills and knowledge to ascertain how much work is needed for each individual assignment they work on.

If your ventilation unit is beginning to cause your business difficulties, then it might be time to get it looked at properly by a professional. Contact us now to find out more about how we can support you.

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