• Plant room maintenance for industrial gas heaters

Plant room maintenance for industrial gas heaters

A plant room, (sometimes referred to as a mechanical room or boiler room), is a dedicated space containing the equipment required to provide or supply building services such as industrial gas heating.

The size of the room will be dependent on the size of the building it is providing heating for. Larger premises may have more than one plant room. It is important to carry out regular maintenance checks within a plant room to make sure the industrial gas heaters are operating efficiently.

At Schwank our team of industrial heating engineers have decades of combined experience in the field. All our engineers are directly employed by Schwank UK and carry full commercial GAS SAFE certifications. They are fully qualified, equipped and resourced to offer the highest standards of maintenance of heating solutions and HVAC systems supplied by Schwank or other manufacturers.

This experience includes plant room maintenance for industrial gas heaters and the work we do helps to provide:

Cheaper energy bills: Our engineers will be able to make sure your systems are fully functional and can advise you when any component replacements are needed. This will prevent the running of old and worn parts which would increase energy costs.

Improved reliability: Having new and refurbished parts will ensure that industrial heaters operate effectively all of the time and with maximum efficiency. This will allow operations to run smoothly without any downtime caused by faults in the heating system.

With engineers based nationwide we can cover all areas of the UK. If you require any plant room maintenance then contact us now.

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