• Annual maintenance of outdoor patio heaters

Annual maintenance of outdoor patio heaters

Owners of restaurants and commercial properties which have outdoor spaces where guests can sit and relax will want these areas to be utilised all year round. Radiant outdoor patio heaters can be mounted on walls and overhead to distribute heat evenly while saving space. However if these heaters start malfunctioning, then the comfort they provide may be lost and guests will not want to stay outside in the cold.

Having an annual maintenance of outdoor patio heaters is the minimum which should be undertaken to keep the systems running smoothly. These regular checks are recommended to keep the heaters working at maximum efficiency, so that any problems can be dealt with quickly before they become a bigger issue.

Two of the most common problems seen with outdoor patio heaters are:

  • Dust accumulation: The system can get clogged up with dust and debris, causing the pilot flame to narrow, which in turn results in the thermocouple turning the patio heater off. This is because the flame is not strong enough to heat the thermocouple properly.
  • Corroded wiring: This is a regular occurrence due to the natural wear and tear the wires encounter. Also, they can get chewed through by vermin. As well as these issues affecting the functioning of the heater, the main switch can get tripped when the system is turned on.

Schwank’s Gas Safe Registered service and maintenance engineers for gas fired outdoor patio heaters have the skills, qualifications and experience to ensure that they can deal with any issue, no matter how significant.

Therefore owners and managers of hospitality venues can be confident that they will be able to operate their businesses as normal, knowing their outside space can continue to accommodate guests all year round due to the annual maintenance of outdoor patio heaters provided by Schwank.

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