• Service and maintenance of radiant plaque heaters

The service and maintenance of radiant plaque heaters

Radiant plaque heaters are among the most effective and economical solutions for providing targeted heating with quick warm-up times in large buildings. They are used in industrial and commercial premises, as well as logistics facilities and workshops. Keeping these highly used areas at the correct temperature is vital for maintaining employee wellbeing and productivity.

These heating systems are made up of several components, which will all need to be operating effectively to produce optimum conditions and efficiency. These parts include the control and safety box, the burner and the electrode plate. These and other components of radiant plaque heaters must be maintained to meet existing industry regulations.

That is why the service and maintenance of radiant plaque heaters is essential, and Schwank qualified Gas Safe engineers are fully trained to carry out the work for you. The work would include:

  • Bleeding the gas lines
  • Controlling leaks
  • Checking gas pressure control
  • Inspecting radiant surface
  • Cleaning gas filter

Furthermore, if you notice any problems with how your system is running, then our team will come out and take a look as soon as possible, therefore limiting any downtime on your operations.

By ensuring the service and maintenance of radiant plaque heaters is professionally carried out when required, you can have the confidence that your system will perform with maximum efficiency.

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