• The annual maintenance of infrared patio heaters is required

The annual maintenance of infrared patio heaters is required

Restaurants and other catering establishments can enhance their alfresco dining experience through the installation of commercial infrared patio heaters. This will mean that their guests can eat and socialise in a comfortable outdoor environment, enhancing their dinning experience when eating outside and encouraging them to stay longer. The result of which could increasing the earnings per cover, a vital return to any business.

Therefore, to provide a warm atmosphere that is created and maintained, it is important that infrared patio heaters are kept in full working order. Outdoor patio heaters require annual maintenance work to be carried out by qualified Gas Safe engineers to ensure:


A well maintained infrared patio heater will provide constant comfort for employees and guests. Generally guests will not stay for an extra drink or another course from the menu if the temperature gets too cold. The warmth from an infrared patio heater will help keep an outside space well heated, and in the process allow guests to relax with their friends and families. A warm environment will provide a business with a greater chance of getting visitors to stay for that bit longer.

An Extension of the outdoor season

The annual maintence of infrared patio heaters can help change customer behaviour and extend the outdoor season. Depending on the nature of an operation and the configuration of outside facilities, it can be possible for outdoor hospitality to be extended to an all year offering.  More covers = more business.

Increased safety

Having an outdoor heating system which is well maintained will ensure that it is operating safely. If looked after by qualified Gas Safe engineers, infrared patio heaters will be able to provide a secure operating system which minimises any risk when in use. This will not only provide safety for the guests but can provide a safe and pleasant working environment for employees.

A better return on Investment

Having an infrared patio heater maintained at least once a year will help these heating systems operate more efficiently and for longer. This will provide a better return on investment for a business and help limit the amount of repair costs required throughout the systems life. It is much more beneficial for a business to spend a small amount each year on maintenance, rather than having to replace whole systems sooner than they should.

How Schwank can help

Here at Schwank we can safely carry out the annual maintenance of infrared patio heaters at a time which best suits your business. Our maintenance engineers for outdoor patio heaters are fully qualified, equipped and resourced to ensure that your system functions to a high level of quality all year round.

If you are a business owner of a bar, restaurant, café or any hospitality venue that has an outdoor space which is used regularly, and are having trouble with your infrared patio heaters, then please contact us now.

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