• Schwank Service & Maintenance

    Schwank is an award winning manufacturer of HVAC products defined by
    “Made in Germany” quality

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  • Schwank Service & Maintenance

    Schwank offers comprehensive Servicing & Maintenance packages for
    the end-users complete peace of mind

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  • Schwank Service & Maintenance

    Schwank is an award winning manufacturer of HVAC products defined by
    “Made in Germany” quality

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Choose Schwank for Exceptional Servicing & Maintenance

Schwank is a world leading manufacturer of decentralised gas-fired infrared radiant heating systems, intelligent temperature control equipment and high quality cooling solutions for industrial and commercial users. The HVAC products in our comprehensive ranges are technologically advanced and precision engineered for optimum performance, high energy efficiency and consistent reliability. Our industrial heating system and gas heat pump engineers can ensure that these benefits are retained.

Schwank UK Limited provides industry-leading expertise for the service and maintenance of Schwank heaters and all other types of commercial heating and cooling systems nationwide. Our dedicated Service Manager and team of industrial heating engineers have decades of combined experience in the field, and all engineers carry full commercial GAS SAFE certifications. We are fully qualified, equipped and resourced to offer the highest standards of service of maintenance of heating solutions and HVAC systems supplied by Schwank or other manufacturers.

Regular maintenance by Schwank’s qualified engineers will ensure that heating systems maintain peak performance throughout their service life. For every type of HVAC solution, gas heater or gas heat pump, engineers from Schwank have the abilities and qualifications to service and maintain it for optimum operational efficiency.

Why choose a Schwank Approved Engineer?

Engineers authorised by Schwank to undertake servicing and maintenance are directly employed by the company
We never employ or recommend the use of third parties or subcontractors to undertake this work.
Only Schwank qualified engineers will have a comprehensive knowledge of our entire product range, both past and present models.
They are highly experienced, technically skilled and undertake regular training by Schwank in both the UK and Germany to be updated on our latest products and technological developments.
Schwank engineers will be fully equipped to carry out the servicing and maintenance on our systems
They will normally have the necessary replacement components on hand in case these are required, thus eliminating delays and reducing spare part costs.
If your business has a heating or cooling system that is not manufactured by Schwank, our engineers will have
the expertise and resources to service and maintain it to a high standard.
You can have confidence that the work will be carried out to your complete satisfaction.

If you have a Schwank system installed, or one from a different HVAC manufacturer, we can support you at all times and ensure that ideal temperatures are maintained throughout your workplace environment. Our experience in the service and maintenance of heating solutions and HVAC systems will ensure their maximum efficiency and longevity.

With industrial heating and gas heat pump engineers based nationwide, Schwank can cover all areas in the UK. We have a track record of success with clients throughout the country and across many sectors of industry and commerce, including distribution centres, warehouses, factories, workshops and leisure facilities.

Your Schwank Service & Maintenance Team


Schwank provides the UK’s most well-resourced, efficiently managed and highly skilled Service & Maintenance operation

Service and Maintenance

Schwank offers comprehensive Service & Maintenance packages for the end-user’s complete peace of mind, implemented through fully qualified, directly employed Schwank Gas Safe Registered engineers


Schwank qualified engineers will respond rapidly and are fully equipped to react to call-outs in the event of breakdown or malfunctions