Do your extended warranty packages include renewal of spare parts?
Yes. Any component part found to have failed will be replaced by Schwank free of charge.
How long can I extend the warranty period?
Upon conclusion of a maintenance agreement with us, you can extend your warranty of your Schwank heating or cooling system for an indefinite period.
How would I terminate a maintenance package if I needed to do so?
A maintenance contract can be terminated with three months’ notice by either party, without reasons for doing so being required.
Do you inspect installation pipework?
Schwank Gas Safe Registered engineers can conduct a visual inspection of pipework, where accessible.
Can Schwank monitor my system remotely?
When connected to the Internet, our control system stores and displays all historical data about your system. This information is treated with the strictest confidence, is fully secure and is not passed to any third party. It allows Schwank technicians to get a comprehensive picture of your system before starting any required work.
How frequently does our company's gas heating system need to be serviced?
All commercial and industrial gas heating systems and appliances are required by law to be serviced annually. This will not only ensure they are safe but also that they will operate with optimum performance and energy efficiency.
What does it mean when an engineer is Gas Safe Registered?
Only Gas Safe registered engineers are legally permitted to service gas HVAC systems, as they have the skills and qualifications to undertake the work safely. All Schwank engineers are Gas Safe Registered.
Could Schwank engineers be called out if our company’s heating system broke down over a weekend or Bank Holiday?
Schwank UK has nationwide service and maintenance coverage and can respond in the case of an emergency at any time.
Would Schwank engineers be able to service an HVAC system that runs on LNG or biogas rather than natural gas?
Yes, Schwank Gas Safe engineers are fully qualified and trained to service all types of gas-fired appliances.

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