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New Systems

Schwank heating and cooling systems and other HVAC products offer the most technologically advanced solutions for industry and commerce. They successfully operate across a wide variety of industrial, sporting and leisure applications, ensuring that desired temperatures are maintained at all times.

With ever increasing energy prices, it is essential to maintain all your heating appliances to enable them to operate at the highest efficiencies possible. Now is the time to arrange for service and maintenance or repair of your boilers, water heaters, warm air heaters, radiant tube heaters, radiant plaque heaters and heating systems to ensure that your appliances and systems are ready and continue to work safely, reliably, effectively and efficiently.

In order to ensure that these technically sophisticated products operate at maximum efficiency over a long service life, and to comply with UK Gas Regulations, appliances have to be regularly maintained by authorised engineers.

The service and maintenance of radiant plaque heaters, tube heaters and other HVAC appliances is not only a legal obligation but is in the interests of industrial and commercial users.

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered, directly employed by Schwank and are fully qualified and extensively trained to carry out these requirements. They have all the required skills and experience for the service and maintenance of Schwank heaters for commercial and industrial heating as well as other HVAC systems.

  • Schwank provides our engineers with continuous in-house training on all new products
  • The skills and experience of Schwank Service & Maintenance engineers supports our ability to offer and guarantee attractive extended warranties on new Schwank systems
  • Schwank engineers carry genuine Schwank parts to call outs for the service and maintenance of Schwank heaters, which helps them to provide a rapid, efficient and high quality service while minimising downtime for the customer’s business
  • Spare parts supplied by Schwank engineers are provided at preferential rates to Schwank Service & Maintenance customers
  • When parts become obsolete, authorised Schwank engineers will always replace them with up-to-date spare parts

Schwank offers a choice of servicing and maintenance options, from basic packages through to our comprehensive extended warranty scheme for new installations, which offers complete peace of mind to the end user. Contact us to discuss your requirements for the service and maintenance of radiant plaque heaters, tube heaters or other HVAC systems, or to arrange a service engineer's visit.

Benefits of Extended Warranty Service Package include:

  • Regular servicing and priority call-outs
  • Comprehensive all-round extended warranty package, taking the burden of responsibility away from the end user
  • Schwank administers maintenance schedules and punctually and reliably deploys our highly trained service technicians
  • Our services comply with the latest legal regulations and standards. If there are legal changes, we can implement them for customers immediately
  • Extended Warranty customers enjoy VIP status, with their requests relating to the service and maintenance of Schwank heaters for commercial and industrial heating being treated with the highest priority
  • Reduced operating costs through effective monitoring, with early detection of wear and tear preventing costly repairs and downtimes
  • Due to up-front pricing, there are no unexpected costs for service and maintenance. Costs can therefore be accurately calculated and budgets planned effectively

Schwank customers have the assurance that our commitment to their total satisfaction is ongoing and does not end after our systems are installed. Our dedication to quality is demonstrated both in the products we manufacture and the after-sales support we provide.

Put your trust in Schwank from day one and enjoy complete peace of mind about the service and maintenance of Schwank heaters for commercial and industrial heating with the benefit of up to 10 years extended warranty.

By choosing Schwank Limited, you'll be working with a dedicated and experienced team of engineers fully qualified and registered with GAS SAFE.

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Schwank provides the UK’s most well-resourced, efficiently managed and highly skilled Service & Maintenance operation

Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Schwank offers comprehensive Service & Maintenance packages for the end-user’s complete peace of mind, implemented through fully qualified, directly employed Schwank Gas Safe Registered engineers



Schwank qualified engineers will respond rapidly and are fully equipped to react to call-outs in the event of breakdown or malfunctions

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