• Existing Systems

Existing Systems

Schwank HVAC products are renowned for offering a long and reliable service life. For this reason, while heating system manufacturers are only required to supply spare parts for 10 years, we have normally retained component parts for our heaters over longer periods as part of our customer service.

In order to maintain heating systems at optimum levels of performance and energy efficiency, as well as maintaining full compliance with UK Gas Safety regulations, regular servicing and maintenance is essential. Our servicing and maintenance engineers for large space gas heating systems and other industrial and commercial HVAC installations are experienced in working with the most complex technology and system configurations.

Well-maintained heating or cooling systems will ensure that correct temperature levels are retained, delivering maximum levels of comfort wherever they are located. Customers on our range of servicing and maintenance programmes testify to the high quality of support they receive from our experienced service engineers.

The servicing and maintenance we offer covers a very wide range of recognised heating systems, both warm air and radiant. A warm air system blows heated air into an environment to raise and regulate temperature, while a radiant heater – either luminous or tube - consists of an emitting surface that directs comfortable radiant heat to warm people and objects, not the air. The regular service of plaque heaters and tube heater heater systems will maintain the optimum performance of this highly energy-efficient heating method.

We can service and maintain existing systems to ensure they are operating at full and safe capacity. With our service, you can be confident that your commercial space will be heated in an efficacious, economical way, with environmental considerations also taken into account. Schwank's skilled service and maintenance engineers for large space gas heating systems will ensure that the equipment installed will work to optimum performance and energy efficiency.

Our Gas Safe registered engineers are directly employed by Schwank and fully qualified and experienced to service and maintain both Schwank industrial and commercial HVAC systems and those of other companies. Whether there is a requirement for the service of plaque heaters, tube heaters, the service of ventilation units or other HVAC installations, Schwank can respond with speed and efficiency.

Irrespective of the original manufacturer of the system in place, Schwank engineers will apply their knowledge, skills and commitment to ensuring that it functions safely, at maximum levels of efficiency and in full compliance with current regulations and standards.

We offer an extensive range of industrial & commercial heating and associated services including:

  • Service & maintenance agreements (for planned and preventative maintenance of both new and existing heating appliances and systems).
  • Reactive service & maintenance (break downs and repairs) for most makes of heating appliances and systems.
  • Landlord's Gas Safety Certification & Inspections (Gas Regulation CP12) of heating appliances and systems.
  • Replacement heaters, small boilers and water heaters.
  • Refurbishment of existing heating appliances and heating systems.
  • Associated works & services including flues & flue systems, pipe work, tanks, cylinders, pumps, valves, water testing, water system sterilisation & water treatments, etc.

With Engineers based nationwide we can cover all areas of the UK. Call or e-mail us today for a quotation.

By choosing Schwank Limited, you'll be working with a dedicated and experienced team of engineers fully qualified and registered with GAS SAFE.

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Service and Maintenance

Service and Maintenance

Schwank offers comprehensive Service & Maintenance packages for the end-user’s complete peace of mind, implemented through fully qualified, directly employed Schwank Gas Safe Registered engineers



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